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Big thinking

Big Thinking

Strategy, insights, research and creative concepts – we identify who we’re talking to and get inside their heads to ask the difficult questions and find unexpected answers. Big thinking represents putting a creative idea – and always asking ‘why’ – at the core of everything we do.

Little details

Little Details

Attention to detail, elegant code, craft and visual panache – sweating all the little things that turn something good into something great. We’re always looking for those little moments where we can exceed expectations and deliver moments of joy that lift the bar.

Exceptional human experiences

We love creating human experiences that influence perception, behaviour, service, sales, and loyalty.

Our clients work with us to define and execute digital strategy, campaigns, experiential events, content, and service design solutions.

We’d love to work with you too.

Our services

Whatever your challenge, we can help. From the creation and execution of integrated digital campaigns, to beautiful user-experience and service design that delivers better business outcomes.

We even offer a digital and studio production service we call The Hub. Perfect for companies looking to speed up their time-to-market and reduce cost whilst still maintaining quality.


  • Digital communications
  • Research & testing
  • Persona development
  • Brand experience
  • Social strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Data strategy


  • Ideation & concept development
  • Art direction & copy
  • Experience & service design
  • Design & development
  • Digital campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Experiential


  • Asset production
  • Graphic design
  • App design & build
  • Front & Back-end development
  • Hub services (outsourced digital and studio services)

For a more engaging explanation directly relating to your business and challenges, we’d love to meet over a coffee at a time that suits you.

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Our work

Attracting IT talent

Creative Concept + workshopping / Content / IA / UX / Responsive Design + Build / Video Production + Motion Graphics

A responsive website and video produced to play on a 45 panel LCD screen to attract and sign up international IT job prospects at the 2014 South by South West trade expo in Texas, USA.

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Cut & Paste event

Creative Concept / Content / UX / Design + Build / Video Production + Motion / Graphics / Event management

In March 2014 Telecom staged a New Zealand first, bringing global design-event “Cut & Paste” to Auckland to demonstrate the power of New Zealand's creative community. The event was themed 'CHARACTERIZED', and brought top character designers together for an onstage throw-down.

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Wicked Welly Tiki Tour

Creative Concept + workshopping / UX / Responsive Design + Build / Email integration

The Wicked Welly Tiki Tour was developed to promote the launch of a new student edition for KNOW Wellington. The campaign offers students a chance to get to know Wellington like never before, with the ultimate introduction to the capital of cool by, tour guide, funnyman Ben Hurley.

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Telecom Tree

UX / Prototyping / Responsive design + build / Experiential integration

A responsive website that integrated with three massive tree installations to deliver a fantastic digital/physical crossover experience. People designed their own light show and played it on the Telecom Tree in their city. Those that came to experience the Trees in person could also use our App to jam with all 40,000 lights in real-time.

Nutritional Platform

UX / Prototyping / Responsive design / Build + integration by Propellerhead

A specialist content section of the responsive Fonterra website that positioned their nutritional scientists and specialists as thought leaders and demonstrated their expertise to the wider industry.

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New Zealand Now Website

Research + workshops / IA / UX / Responsive design + build / Content

A complete redesign to create a responsive, dynamic site built around attracting skilled migrants to NZ. The site served customised content based on a viewers geo-location and utilised an intuitive ‘wizard’ to capture interest and connect people with a comprehensive direct communications programme.

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Livestream Q&A

UX / Responsive design + build / Event management

A live online stream between potential migrants from all over the globe and a local panel of industry representatives, Visa specialists and experts. Over 1,000 questions were fielded, and 1,700 job applications were made through the event.

Telecom Fibre Journey

Research / IA / UX / Prototyping / Design / Specification production

In partnership with Telecom we interrogated the existing ‘buy journey’ for Internet to recommend a reimagined product construct model and service structure. This evolved into a redesign of the entire process into a streamlined customer-centric set of user journeys that we designed and described in a detailed interactive specification.

Collections Online

IA / UX / Prototyping / Responsive Design + Build

A complete responsive redesign of the Te Papa online articles collection to make this amazing content accessible to a modern, device driven audience. The information hierarchy was completely overhauled to make content more findable and relevant.

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Our clients

We’re proud to have worked with most of our clients for many years, some since Touchcast began.

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The Touchcast team work from offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. We’re also part-owned by Clemenger Group and BBDO worldwide. This means our team often use insights and resources from many of the network’s 270 offices in 77 countries to customise, deploy and manage solutions in tune with respective markets for our internationally focussed clients.

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